G-5201 Woodhaven Court
Flint, MI 48532
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Community Events

  • Recreation, Wellness and Vitality Center

  • Enhanced Socialization and Community Networking

  • Private Parties with the use of Pub and Dining Facilities

  • Bingo, Card Club, Live Music, Movie Nights, Arts and Crafts

  • Continuing Education Gatherings

  • Support Groups

  • Extended Exercise

  • Nature Walkways, Raised Herbal and Vegetable Gardens


Some of our fitness activities include:

  • Body in Motion Exercise classes

  • Tai Chi exercise classes

  • Walking Club

  • Chair/Floor Yoga classes

  • Nature walkways and bike paths

  • Wellness and Vitality Center

  • Future aquatics exercises







Main Office: 810-230-1070      Main Fax: 810-230-2505